Tales of a funny tummy: working on that race day fuel!

I think I’ve talked a little bit about my nausea-woes, but I’ve never really talked about where they began and how much I’ve struggled with my “funny tummy” over the years. It all started in 2012 when I was travelling home from Australia (I lived there for 2 years), through India, Nepal and China. I was away for 2 and a half months and in that short period I was sick with food poisoning 3 times. After I got home from that trip my stomach never really felt quite right, as my husband would say I did not have an “iron gut”. I was often bloated and most foods went straight through me. It was manageable for a while in my day-to-day life, I just thought I had a sensitive stomach, it wasn’t until I started marathon training in 2013 that I realized how bad it really was.IMG_1012

Running on empty

When I started running long distances I struggled HARD with what my stomach could tolerate on the go…which at the time was pretty much nothing! I went back to the usual gels and chews that I used to use, but I couldn’t stomach them and would end up eating next to nothing on the 2-3+ hour training runs. It took me 2 marathons and ending up in the medical tent of my second to realize that if I wanted to become a stronger runner, I needed to fuel better and sort this sh*& out!

I’m smiling because it’s over…moments later I was throwing up and in the med tent!

Getting answers

My first step was an appointment with a naturopath who explained that the food poisoning had caused me to have a “leaky gut” and that a food sensitivity test would be the first step followed by a cleanse, which I did. I was super strict with what I ate for about 6-8 months and felt soooo much better! But I still struggled to find the right fuel during my runs. Most of the gels and brands out there {such as GU, powergels and Clif shots} still reeked havoc on my tummy and the others {like honey stingers, Skratch and Huma} that did go down easy, I couldn’t stomach after 2 or 3…especially if it was hot and my mouth was dry #worst 🤢

Maple syrup for the win!

Finally, on a really hot day in 2015 I came across Endurance Tap gels at my local running store and took them out for a test run…they were sooo good! They went down super easy, were really liquidy so I could get them down quickly, and they didn’t make me feel queasy after multiple hours of eating them (even in the heat)… I was in love! I used to think I was one of the only ones that struggled with my race nutrition and fuelling; but lately I’ve seen so many posts and received so many messages from people saying they feel the exact same way! It’s hard to find something that works, but I think if you’ve struggled like I have, than I think one of the keys is the fewer the ingredients the better. I think Endurance Tap works for me because it only has 3: maple syrup, ginger and salt which has definitely saved my tummy and my training!

During this training cycle I’ve made it a goal to really practice my race-day nutrition during my long and tempo runs and have been exclusively taking an ET every 35-45mins…and for once I actually feel good! I guess this is what it’s like to be properly fuelled🙈 So if all goes to plan on race day, it will be the first Marathon EVER that I won’t be under-fuelled and energy deprived!! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

Do you struggle with fuelling? What works for you?

TRY ENDURANCE TAP FOR YOURSELF WITH THE DISCOUNT CODE “GoodForMyTummy” and get 20% off until May 7🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


Let’s Catch up on March!

Please excuse me for my absence this month…because this month I became A DOG MOM!! And since I don’t have kids, I can only imagine that it’s pretty much the same thing as being a real baby momma (said sarcastically, but also kind of wondering if it’s true🤔); given that you barely have time to yourself and whenever you decide to be productive she wines, cries or is just so cute you can’t get anything done! Oh, and my sleep has suffered because I have to get up multiple times in the night so she can go pee. But it’s totally worth it because I love her soooooo much!! So there you go, I’ve pretty much caught you up on my entire month in a few short sentences…okay well not entirely, but that’s definitely been the highlight!

Here’s the rest…and some more about my dog😉

Currently Obsessed with: Of course it’s my dog! She is an Australian Cattle dog (also known as a blue heeler), her name is Kylie (after Kylie Minogue to honour her Australian routes) and she is currently 3 months old. I’ve wanted a dog FOREVER and my husband finally agreed last year that we could get one. We decided on this breed because we wanted a medium sized dog (she will get up to 35-40lbs) that I could run with and that were smart so my husband could teach her tricks. We’d been looking for the last 6-8 months and finally found her and she is the best…I think she will be making many appearances on here in the future❤️

Currently Reading: Marathon Woman by Katherine Switzer, which I’m reading for the second time. It’s about the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. I read this book after I ran my first marathon and wasn’t sure I wanted to run again. It inspired me, not only to run another marathon, but also to chase that Boston dream! I don’t usually re-read books, but since I have big goals for BMO I thought it would give me some extra inspiration.IMG_0100

Currently Eating/Fuelling with: Since I almost always struggle with GI issues on long runs and fuelling properly on races, I’ve really committed this training cycle to figuring out my race day nutrition. In the past I’ve tried to use a few different types of gels and bars, but this time I’m only exclusively using Endurance Tap gels. They are the only thing that I don’t get sick of, give me enough energy to get through my long runs and don’t upset my stomach during or after my runs.


Currently Drinking: I think I’ve talked about my ginger-ale obsession on here before…I love it! And I also love Ginger Kombucha, which I feel much less guilty about drinking after a long run since I feel like I’m also getting some hydration from it (not sure if that’s actually true?!) I think I’ve had one after every long run this month and after every tough tempo workout…I’m obsessed!

Currently Wearing: Since it’s FINALLY warmed up [a little] this month and I can wear shorts again, it means I can also wear my mid and knee high pro-compression socks!! This is a double win since I’ve also upped my mileage this month and have way more tired legs. I’ve been rocking them pretty much everyday to help during and after my workouts…I love them!

Favourite Photo I Took This Month: It’s obviously with my dog Kylie!IMG_0098

Miles Ran: 175.6mi/283.3km

Let’s Catch Up- February travel edition!

I know I’m a bit late to the “monthly recap” party, but since I was away on vacation I hope you’ll cut me some slack 😉 And since I was away for the majority of February, I thought the best thing to do would be to dedicate this months recap to some of my favourite Japan and Vietnam memories, so here we go….

Favourite thing I ate: going into this trip, I think the food was one of the things I was looking forward to the most #ireallylovetoeat and it did not disappoint! Japan took the food award over Vietnam, with the only downside being that they hardly eat any fruit or vegetables there…like next to none! Bean sprouts and cabbage were pretty much the only things I ate that came from the earth! But besides a heavy meat, carb and matcha based diet it was pretty damn good! Some of my favourites were…

  1. Ramen, ramen and more ramen! I think I ate it everyday I was there and became quite the connoisseur by the time we left!IMG_0076
  2. Sushi bowls and sushi train! We have really great sushi in Vancouver, so I was curious about how it would compare; but since sushi in Japan is mostly Nigiri (which is my favourite) it definitely stood out as a favourite. One day we even ate it for breakfast #dontjudge LOL!
  3. Everything Matcha! I think I became Matcha obsessed, especially in Kyoto which is known for it’s matcha deserts. My favourite was the matcha ice cream with gold flecks…so good!!
  4. Salad rolls in Vietnam…but to be honest, most of the salad rolls were pretty bad…not fresh and just blah! But there was a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City called Propaganda that served some of the best I’ve ever tasted and I made my husband go back twice just so I could eat them!IMG_0090

Favourite thing I drank: because the drinks deserved their own category!

  1. Coffee at Reissue in Harajuku, which was so beautiful I didn’t want to drink it! I think I took like a million pics until finally my husband was like “enough taking pics of your coffee and just drink it!” haha!
  2. Iced Vietnamese coffee, which pretty much tastes like a coffee milkshake, and we had one (or 2) everyday while we were there.
  3. Mango smoothies, because mango is my favourite fruit of all time and after almost 2 weeks without fruit in Japan…you treat yourself to every fruit in sight!
  4. Japanese yuzu and soda cocktails, which is like a citrus liqueur…it was so good I bought a bottle to bring home 🙂

Favourite City: Kyoto stood out for me as my favourite city. It’s kind of where old meets new with geisha’s wondering around the small side streets and alleys; all of which are filled with so many restaurants and coffee shops that, if you weren’t looking, you’d miss them! I also loved all the temples and heritage sites that surround the city…it’s just all so pretty!

Favourite Adventure: I bet you thought it would involve running, but nope…bikes this time…for both of them (since I couldn’t decide on just one):

  1. Renting bikes and biking around Kyoto to see the different temples was definitely a highlight!IMG_6195
  2. Renting a scooter and going to the sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam. And no I didn’t drive it…I was way too nervous to drive there, it’s too crazy!

Favourite night out on the town: which would also qualify as “most random activity” and favourite “only in Japan” moment…the Robot Show at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo! Picture the most random combination of stories and characters coming together, now imagine you’re on a psychedelic drug and now add robots…that pretty much sums up the show! It was so random with giant dinosaur robots and girls dressed in crazy anime costumes riding them just to name a few…and it was hilarious! Only in Tokyo:)

Favourite run: because what would my recap be without talking about running, lol! Japan was super runnable with lots of great routes and paths available, so I was lucky to get quite a few runs in while we were there. Vietnam on the other hand was tricky…between the heat and the sidewalks and paths aren’t the greatest for walking let alone running…it meant that most of my runs there were short, sweaty and happened mainly along the beach. But my favourite run of the trip had to be when I ran with the Nike Run Club in Tokyo. I joined one of their drop in runs and ran 10k with them in the evening around one of their local parks. Everyone was sooooo nice, even with the massive language barrier, and it was a great way to check out a new place.IMG_0080IMG_6503IMG_6505

There you have it, 3 weeks in a nutshell! How was your February?

Let’s Catch Up! January’s run-down

I feel like I say this at the end of every month, but seriously how is it *February (*insert month here) already?! Regardless of my shock at how quickly time flies, the first month of 2017 is officially over and that means it’s that time again, so…LET’S CATCH UP!!!

Currently Eating: If you remember my last “let’s catch up post” then you’ll remember that I was doing the 21 day sugar detox for the month of January…and guys guess what, I MADE IT, whoop whoop!!!  It’s definitely the longest I’ve ever gone without a baked good or pizza and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss it; but I’m hoping some of these habits I picked up in the last month will stick! For example, I’ve learnt that not every Friday and Saturday night is cause to celebrate by eating ALL THE THINGS! And I plan on being a little more picky with my “treat yourself” occasions. Below are 2 of my favourite things I ate this month…

Favourite Adventure(s): Once again I couldn’t choose so here are my top 2:

  1. The Squamish Chief first peak with @thehilaryann because I’d never been there in the winter and it was SO FREAKING PRETTY!

    photo by Hilary Ann
  2. Taking my sister up to Dog Mountain on Seymour because, even though I’ve been up there a lot this year, she had never been EVER! And watching her take it in for the first time always gives me a new appreciation of the view!

Currently Obsessed With: Selling my clothes on the Lululemon swap and shop Facebook group! It’s a local group where you can buy and sell your new and used Lululemon, and since finding it just over a week ago, I’m already obsessed! My goal for the year has been to limit my shopping to only the things I NEED and since lately I’ve been selling clothes instead of buying them I keep telling my husband that I’m “reverse shopping” Lol! Needless to say he’s pretty happy about it:) (I think they have them in other cities too, so check it out if you haven’t already!)img_0067

Finish Lines Crossed: There was only one, and you already know about it, but it felt so nice I’m going to tell you twice…The Chilly Chase 15km aka my confidence builder!


Currently Watching (instead of reading): I normally read before bed but my battery died in my reading light (yes this is a lame excuse and yes I’m a dork with a reading light), so I haven’t picked up a new read yet. So since I’m not reading, I’ll tell you my favourite things I’ve watched this month, which have both been inspirational movies about running…I know shocking right?! The Steve Prefontaine Movie, “Without limits”, which I watched the night before my 15k race…totally inspiring! And “Finding Traction” on Netflix which is a documentary about the amazing ultra-runner Nikki Kimball as she runs the 273mi Long Trail in Vermont…again super inspiring!!!

Monthly Mileage: 249.3km/154.6 miles

Hope you had a great start to the year and a great month! Huge thanks to The Athletarian for inspiring these monthly catch ups:)

Let’s Catch Up!

Oh hi, remember me?! It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve been MIA for the last few months! I had a major switch up to my work schedule which pretty much turned everything else on it’s head and, as you can see, it’s taken me a while to sort my sh*& out…BUT I’M BACK! And since it’s been so long, I thought the best thing to do would be to take a page from Christina’s (aka the athletarian) book and catch up with a coffee date post. So grab your favourite mug, fill that sucker up and I’ll get you caught up…

photo by Hilary Ann

Finish Lines Crossed: Since I ran so many back-to-back races from June-Sept, I was desperately in need of a “racing” time out. BUT I did pace 2 races at the end of October for the Rock n’ Roll series in Vancouver; the 10k and the half, which were both no pressure runs and really fun! Other than that the last few months have been all about building my base for my 2017 races and playing in the snow.

Favourite Adventure: I’ve been super lucky as my weird schedule (Weds, Fri, Sun off) matches up perfectly with one of my trail running friends (who also happens to be an amazing photographer), Hilary. So my favourite adventures have been with her in the last few months, and since I can’t pick just one my TWO favourite are:

  1. Elfin Lakes because it was my first snow-run of the year.img_0026
  2. Cypress Mountain because we laughed our butts off and worked our abs more than our legs! img_0038

Currently Eating: Since December was SOOOOO glutinous (I think my cookie count was up to 6 or 7 a day), my husband and I have decided to do the 21 day sugar detox for the month of January. So I’m currently eating all the veggies and all the protein, but dreaming of all the candy and chips (hopefully those cravings stop soon!).21-day-sd

Currently Reading: How Bad Do You Want it? by Matt Fitzgerald. 2016 taught me that my mental game needed some work so this book has been a HUGE help! I’m going to do a review of it in a week or two…I’m on the last chapter!how-bad-do-you-want-it

Currently Obsessed With: Running obvs…but in terms of gear, my favourite item has to be my Lululemon “Run for the Cold” pullover. I’m obsessed and I’ve definitely worn it more than I care to admit in the last 30 days!

Currently Signing Up For: my first race of the year the Vancouver First Half on Feb 5, and other than Seawheeze (which I’m so excited to run for the fourth year), I don’t have anything else on the calendar…YET. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my 2017 goals!

Okay, I think that’s enough about me for now, what’s new in your world lately?

September Resolutions!

September is here and for me it always feels like the start of a new year. A time to start fresh and set some goals and resolutions! I think it feels more like a fresh start for me than January, and must be permanently engrained after so many years in school…anybody else? With that being said, my main goal for September comes down to my diet, which as I’ve said before is currently based firmly on the principles of TREAT YOURSELF and can only be described as “unsupervised child at a birthday party”.

yup, pretty much sums up my current eating habits!

I think with so many races, trips and events going on over the summer my diet took a back seat to fun #noregrets; but with the fall coming and my social life settling down (cue tiny violin) it seems like a good time to get my act together!

The Plan:

My plan for the next 21 days (since that brings me to my 1st Anniversary and my Birthday!) is to do the 21 day sugar detox since sugar and all things baked are my ultimate vice. 21-day-sugar-detox

My goal is to follow the above with the exception of the dairy column, which I’m also going to eliminate since it doesn’t sit well with me.  I’m also going to plan a “cheat day” for this Saturday, Sept 10, for my 50k race because I HAVE to fuel while I run with sugar and carbs…and maybe after #mustturnonwillpower !

To be clear, my goal is 100% NOT weight loss! It’s to break some really bad habits that I’ve formed over the last few months like being more prepared for the week and not eating everything in sight after a long run or a workout! I’m hoping what they say is true; that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit and this will stick…or at least give my body a 3 week vacation from the junk I’ve been putting in it. Either way it’s a win!

I’m hoping that by putting this out there for all to see, it will help keep me accountable and give me one more reason to walk away [empty handed] from the pastry isle at Whole Foods!

Wish me luck!!

The locals guide to Seawheeze Weekend!

It’s almost that time of year again…runners Christmas, the luon parade, the Lululemon fashion show….what ever you want to call it it’s SEAWHEEZE TIME!!!! My all time, hands down FAVOURITE race of the year, can you tell I’m excited?! This will be my 3rd time running the Seawheeze, which I feel so lucky to be doing since it sells out faster than any other race I know! I’m also super pumped because this year I’ll be running the race with my husband, who hasn’t run a half with me in 5 years.

But that’s enough about me, let’s talk about Vancouver! I was born and raised here so I’m kind of biased on how beautiful this city is; but come on…mountains, ocean, skyline views, beaches, the seawall…it’s pretty much like running in a post card! I think that’s one of the things I love most about Seawheeze, it brings so many people from out of town to Vancouver and gives us a chance to show off this beautiful place we get to call home. So whether it’s your first time in Vancity or your 100th, here are a few of my top picks for things to do, eat, shop and of course run!


Of course there are tonnes of events going on for Seawheeze on the Friday before the race (check out their website for the list of events); but if you get here a little early or you’re done down-dogging by noon, here’s a list of some pre-race activities around the city that won’t ruin your legs:

1. Training Club run at Sport Chek Robson- if you’re here on Wednesday and you want to shake out your travelling legs, come by, say hello and join my run crew at 5:30 at the Robson St. Store.image

2.  Cruise around the Seawall- rent a bike and cruise around the seawall…don’t worry it’s mostly flat and a pretty easy ride if you head around Stanley Park. It’s a great way to see the city and there are lots of great photo-ops along the way!riding-the-seawall-2012-5-960x640

3. Shopping- depending what you’re looking for, there are lots of different neighbourhoods to get your shopping fix in Vancouver:

  • Robson Street and Pacific Centre– this is where you’ll find you’re bigger brand name stores like Zara, JCrew, and Nordstrom as well as some local faves like Aritzia and of course Lululemon (if you didn’t blow the bank at the showcase store).
  • Gastown and Main Street- if you’re looking for more one of a kind items and local designers these are the 2 main areas you’ll find them.
  • West 4th- if you’re looking for a true Vancouver vibe with some local stores, the original Lululemon and some cute coffee shops mixed in West 4th in Kitsilano is the place for you!LULU4

4. Beachesweather permitting, we have lots of really great beaches in Vancouver; Jericho and Spanish Banks (these are my favourites if you have a car), Wreck beach (if you like to strip down it’s a nude beach), Kitsilano, English Bay and Second and Third Beaches around Stanley park.

Spanish Banks

5. Local Outdoor Pools- if sand in your pants and oceans aren’t really your thing, we also have a couple of local pools for you to chill out by and go for a dip! Second Beach Pool by Stanley Park and Kits pool in Kitsilano (pic below).

Where to eat, drink and be merry…

Because why else do we run that far if not to enjoy all the food and drinks afterwards (and before…come on you’re on vacation!).

Food (the main event)

1. Vegetarian/Vegan- most restaurants offer veggie options, but my favourite’s are definitely over on Main street:

  • Meet on Mainthey have my favourite veggie burgers…so many options and so good!MEET
  • Acorncreative vegetarian food…their weekend brunch is my favourite
  • Nuba– lebanese and not strictly vegetarian, but their veggie dishes are my favourite! If you go, order the veggie platter to share, it’s delicious! They also have multiple locations in kits and gastown.NUBA

2. Sushi- being this lose to the ocean means we have great sushi! You can find a sushi restaurant on almost every corner, and every Vancouverite you ask will have a different favourite local spot…but I promise mine are the best!

  • Minami and Mikuthese 2 are a little more expensive than the average place in Vancouver, but they are hands down the best in the city!

    the view from Miku
  • Tatsuthis is my favourite local spot on Commercial drive. I’ve probably eaten here over 50 times and never had a bad meal.

3. Italian- if you’re looking for a classic pre-race carb load and pasta is your go to:

  • Italian Kitchenthey have a great happy hour with all your go to classic dishes.
  • Ask for Luigithis place is amazing, but be prepared to wait as it always has a 1-2hr line up!LUIGI
  • Nookcozy Italian food with a couple of locations in Kits and the West End…the rigatoni is my favourite!

4. Just plain good- these are the ones that don’t fit in a specific box, but are definitely worth trying!

  • Chambarthis is one of my favourites…I also got married there so I’m a little biased! It’s one of those places where you read the menu and you’re not sure what it is, but when it comes its amazing! They also have one of the best brunches in the city.
  • Vancouver Urban Winerythis place is not only delicious it’s also in a beautiful space! Their food is best for sharing between a few people and I also really love their brunch.VUW
  • L’Abattoirif you’re looking for a little post-race romance and you want to treat yourself, this place is a great spot to do it! Great local food with a french twist and really tasty cocktails!

Coffee Shops, Bakeries and Breweries

These are a few of my favourite things…I have a soft spot for pastries, coffee and beer!

1. Coffee Shops- if you love your cup of joe and you want to try some local spots, I like:

  • Revolverthis is in Gastown, and they really know their coffee! I usually go for a plane drip here.
  • Matchstick– great coffee and really cute little baked goods and toast. A good place to sit and sip.MATCHSTICK
  • Prado Cafereally good lattes and Kumbucha on tap.

2. Bakeries- I only need to list one place here because it has my heart, Purebread….it is baked goods heaven!!! If you have a sweet tooth like me you will love it here, and seriously EVERYTHING is good!PUREBREAD

3. Breweries- we have tonnes of local micro-breweries in Vancouver and if you love beer I’d definitely recommend doing a little tour. There are quite a few within walking distance of each other which makes it easy to do on foot:

  • 33 Acres
  • Strange fellows
  • Main Street Brewery….Just to name a few!

    beer map

Still not done getting your sweat on…

If you’re still in need of a sweat after your 13.1miles of the Seawheeze, I would hit up some of the local trails for a different take view of the city…of course you knew I would say that! There are lots of great hikes just a short drive from the city offering amazing views (weather permitting) of the gulf islands and howe sound. I like to use the website Vancouver Trails to pick out the best spots, but some of my favourites near by are Eagles Bluff and St. Marks Summit on Cypress (pics below) and Dog Mountain on Seymour.

Hopefully these tips help you get around Vancouver with ease and makes you love my city as much as I do! If you’re from Vancouver, please go ahead and share some of your favourite local spots in the comments below! 


The Quest for the Perfect Recovery Tool- Part 3

Week 3 of my journey to the “perfect recovery” brings me to nutrition, which for me I know, has huge room for improvement! I currently practice the post-run nutrition plan known as TREAT YOURSELF…also commonly referred to as “you deserve it” or “eat all the food” #theworstplanever 😁 imageThere is no method to my madness or science behind my current plan and it often finds me grabbing a post-run beer and nachos or some sort of delicious pastry…I pretty much have zero self-control! I’m pretty good with my diet Monday-Friday, but after running 30-50km on the weekend, all bets are off. Which, from what I’ve been reading, is probably the most critical time!

Since the first step to making a change is recognizing you have a problem, this is my diet declaration…I need help! I think part of my problem [and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this] is that diet and sports nutrition can be sooooo complicated…”24 ounces of this, ratio’s of that, electrolytes, glycogen, amino acids”…I’m already confused🙉 But does it have to be so complicated? This was my mission this week, to follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle and find out some nutrition basics to help aid my recovery.

The 3 R’s of Recovery…

When I was looking through some of the information out there on recovery nutrition, I kept seeing a common theme in the research; the concept of the 3 R’s:

All 3 R’s follow the simple principle of replacing what was lost during training and providing the body with the proper nutrients to allow it to grow and adapt (I’m guessing these aren’t found in my nachos😁). Another key point that I kept seeing was the time during which you should begin your post-training recovery: 15-60 minutes. Which is another thing I do wrong as it usually takes me 1-2 hours to feel like eating again after a long run! Like I said, there’s room for improvement….


Refuelling starts with replacing glycogen, which is a fancy way of saying carbs. Our body stores carbohydrates as glycogen which is the main source of fuel it uses during exercise. The more intense the activity or the longer duration it is, the more glycogen/carbohydrates it uses.image

So how much do we need? The Australian Institute of Sport advises 1-1.2g of carbs per kg of body weight (or 2.2-2.6 per lb) within the first hour after training. But since I really hate math and it’s the last thing I can do when I’m carb depleted, I did the calculation and found out I would need between 50-60g of carbs after training. Next I looked at the options on their website to pick out the foods I would typically crave post workout that would fall around the 50-60g mark:
-3 slices of multigrain bread
-2 granola bars
-2 med-large bananas
-700ml sports drink
-1 large scone or muffin (YES🙌)
And the list goes on!!!


Rebuilding begins with protein. Intense exercise results in the breakdown of muscle tissue which requires the intake of protein to repair it. Eating high quality protein within the first hour after exercise helps promote protein rebuilding and most of the research agrees that 10-20g of protein is ideal. Here are some foods this includes:
-2 small eggs
-120g of tofu
-300ml of flavoured milk
-200g of yogurt


Drink all the water! This for me is the simplest rule, but the one I ultimately fail at😔 When I finish a long run or a race I almost always want a ginger-ale (I’m obsessed)

Please note ginger beer in hand👆

and I’m pretty slow to hop on the water train! I’m usually reactive not pro-active and realize I haven’t peed in 2 hours before I start slamming back the water #oops 😁 But like I said it’s simple: drink enough liquid to replace the fluid (and electrolytes) you lost in sweat during exercise. A lot of the research talks about weighing yourself before and after exercise and drinking what you lost, but an easy way is to simply monitor the colour and quantity of your urine; drink until it’s clear!

So now that I’ve confessed all my diet short-comings, I need to try and make some changes, be more prepared and make better choices! I’m still going to have my post run beers, but I think I’m going to make more of an effort to chug some water, replace my carbs and eat an egg or two before I do it! Nobodies perfect right?!