Let’s Catch Up- February travel edition!

I know I’m a bit late to the “monthly recap” party, but since I was away on vacation I hope you’ll cut me some slack 😉 And since I was away for the majority of February, I thought the best thing to do would be to dedicate this months recap to some of my favourite Japan and Vietnam memories, so here we go….

Favourite thing I ate: going into this trip, I think the food was one of the things I was looking forward to the most #ireallylovetoeat and it did not disappoint! Japan took the food award over Vietnam, with the only downside being that they hardly eat any fruit or vegetables there…like next to none! Bean sprouts and cabbage were pretty much the only things I ate that came from the earth! But besides a heavy meat, carb and matcha based diet it was pretty damn good! Some of my favourites were…

  1. Ramen, ramen and more ramen! I think I ate it everyday I was there and became quite the connoisseur by the time we left!IMG_0076
  2. Sushi bowls and sushi train! We have really great sushi in Vancouver, so I was curious about how it would compare; but since sushi in Japan is mostly Nigiri (which is my favourite) it definitely stood out as a favourite. One day we even ate it for breakfast #dontjudge LOL!
  3. Everything Matcha! I think I became Matcha obsessed, especially in Kyoto which is known for it’s matcha deserts. My favourite was the matcha ice cream with gold flecks…so good!!
  4. Salad rolls in Vietnam…but to be honest, most of the salad rolls were pretty bad…not fresh and just blah! But there was a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City called Propaganda that served some of the best I’ve ever tasted and I made my husband go back twice just so I could eat them!IMG_0090

Favourite thing I drank: because the drinks deserved their own category!

  1. Coffee at Reissue in Harajuku, which was so beautiful I didn’t want to drink it! I think I took like a million pics until finally my husband was like “enough taking pics of your coffee and just drink it!” haha!
  2. Iced Vietnamese coffee, which pretty much tastes like a coffee milkshake, and we had one (or 2) everyday while we were there.
  3. Mango smoothies, because mango is my favourite fruit of all time and after almost 2 weeks without fruit in Japan…you treat yourself to every fruit in sight!
  4. Japanese yuzu and soda cocktails, which is like a citrus liqueur…it was so good I bought a bottle to bring home 🙂

Favourite City: Kyoto stood out for me as my favourite city. It’s kind of where old meets new with geisha’s wondering around the small side streets and alleys; all of which are filled with so many restaurants and coffee shops that, if you weren’t looking, you’d miss them! I also loved all the temples and heritage sites that surround the city…it’s just all so pretty!

Favourite Adventure: I bet you thought it would involve running, but nope…bikes this time…for both of them (since I couldn’t decide on just one):

  1. Renting bikes and biking around Kyoto to see the different temples was definitely a highlight!IMG_6195
  2. Renting a scooter and going to the sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam. And no I didn’t drive it…I was way too nervous to drive there, it’s too crazy!

Favourite night out on the town: which would also qualify as “most random activity” and favourite “only in Japan” moment…the Robot Show at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo! Picture the most random combination of stories and characters coming together, now imagine you’re on a psychedelic drug and now add robots…that pretty much sums up the show! It was so random with giant dinosaur robots and girls dressed in crazy anime costumes riding them just to name a few…and it was hilarious! Only in Tokyo:)

Favourite run: because what would my recap be without talking about running, lol! Japan was super runnable with lots of great routes and paths available, so I was lucky to get quite a few runs in while we were there. Vietnam on the other hand was tricky…between the heat and the sidewalks and paths aren’t the greatest for walking let alone running…it meant that most of my runs there were short, sweaty and happened mainly along the beach. But my favourite run of the trip had to be when I ran with the Nike Run Club in Tokyo. I joined one of their drop in runs and ran 10k with them in the evening around one of their local parks. Everyone was sooooo nice, even with the massive language barrier, and it was a great way to check out a new place.IMG_0080IMG_6503IMG_6505

There you have it, 3 weeks in a nutshell! How was your February?


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