9 Weeks until BMO Marathon…let’s go!

I’m back from vacation (I was just in Japan and Vietnam for the last 3 weeks) and it’s time to get serious about training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon. It’s 9 weeks until race day, which I know is a short period of time, but I knew when I signed up that my vacation was going to fall smack dab in the middle of training. It was a risk I decided to take given that I have a strong base and I knew I was going to do some running while I was away (which I did). I didn’t follow a specific training plan, but I stuck pretty close to my 2 run-cation goals which were:
1. Aim to maintain a minimum of 40km/25mi per week (I ran 40k the first week, and 37k during the second and third)
2. Maintain speed by throwing in some speedy tempo miles 1-2x per week (I followed this the first 2 weeks in Japan, but it was too hot in Vietnam to push the pace!)

Now to the plan….

When I made this plan a month ago and saw the first week I can promise you that some words I care not to repeat {but totally appropriate} left my mouth🙊 Seeing 26-32k in the first few weeks are definitely intimidating, and given that the first weeks mileage is around 70km/42mi; it made me even more motivated/scared to make sure I kept my base up while I was away! I normally don’t like to increase my weekly mileage by more than 20% because of the risk of injury, but like I said I think my base is strong enough to stay healthy #knockonwood …even with the big jump into week 1 (I’d been running 45-65km per week for the last…I can’t even tell you how long prior to my trip).img_5842

Now let’s talk marathon goals!

My plan for this race is to set 3 goals on race day, an A , B and C goal. I’ve never done this before, I’ve only ever just had one, but looking back I really think I should have. I think it makes sense in order to keep my head in the game and to ensure I don’t get discouraged out there on the course…but trust me all my training is going for that “A” goal👊🏼

A= 3:15
B= sub 3:20
C= PB (which would be a sub 3:31)

Some people may think my goal of a 16 minute PB is ambitious, but I know that where I’m at now is definitely 16 minutes stronger mentally and physically than where I was 2 and a half years ago when I set it!!

Dream big, run hard, that’s my plan and I’m all in!!! Training officially starts tomorrow…wish me luck!!!


One thought on “9 Weeks until BMO Marathon…let’s go!

  1. Welcome back, I have no doubt that you will achieve your goal and hopefully the snow won’t play a part like it did in the last half marathon (Cancelled the day before due to snow).


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