Seawheeze 2016 Race Recap!

And just like that another Seawheeze weekend is done! Is it too early to start the countdown for next year…and the minor panic attack about whether or not I’ll be able to get in😳 If you’ve ever tried to register for Seawheeze then you’ll know that the panic is real as the registration process is more stressful than running the 13.1miles…it’s 11minutes of shear panic!!!! But let’s not think about that right now, let’s focus on how amazing this weekend was. From the people, to the weather, to the concert, I think this Seawheeze was the best yet!!image


The Shop

My Seawheeze experience started a little early this year with a super lucky opportunity to shop at the showcase store the night before it opened to the public. Prior to this invite my plan had been to get up at the crack of dawn to stand in line; so when I was invited to the friends and family sale you can bet I jumped at the chance!! It was so nice to shop in peace and not to have to guard my purchases for fear some crazy woman in luon would raid my pile! I loved some of the prints this year and scored some super cute finds…all in all a successful shop👍

I bought shorts and a top in this print too👌

But when I came out, I was so surprised to see the line up of Lululemon campers already parked outside the convention centre at 7:30pm…the store opened at 7am!!!!! It was crazy! When I walked out they saw my bags and started yelling “SHOW US WHAT YOU BOUGHT!” I felt like I was on an episode of girls gone wild, lol😂 Those were some die hard lulu lovers!

Runners Expo

Every year I do the nooner yoga at Jack Poole plaza, so I kept the tradition alive and headed down to the convention centre to get my down-dog and baby cobra on. imageAfter the yoga I wandered around the expo eating all the free samples from Vega and Kind, visiting the mindfulness dome, having some fun in the photo-booth, and picking up my race pack.

After that I met up with some instagram friends from T.O. and then headed home to get my gear ready for race day.


SEAWHEEZE…the actual running part!

On Saturday we woke up bright and early to get to the starting line since we knew it would get crazy busy with 10,000+ runners registered! We also wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to get to the front near the 1:40-1:45 pace beavers as we were pretty sure we would fall between the two groups. imageThe plan was for me to “pace” Sean, but since he wasn’t exactly sure what pace he was capable of, we decided to aim for a speed at the start that we knew he could sustain for the full distance and then increase the speed if possible towards the end. But the main goal was to have fun and enjoy it, and that’s exactly what we did!

We took in all the high fives, soaked up the crowds and danced our way through the cheer stations! If you’ve ever ran Seawheeze, than you know they do the cheer stations right🙌 They’re strategically placed at the top of each hill and just random enough to keep you distracted for the few seconds you run past (i.e. mermaids on the rocks, men in suits, party boats and more!).

The miles ticked by pretty quickly, we were keeping a steady pace and I could tell Sean was still feeling pretty good, and at around 9’ish miles we headed onto the seawall to finish off the second half of the race.

Taken by a friend just after halfway👋

This section is always a tough spot since it gets a little quiet out there and you can’t see what’s around each bend…Saturday was no different. At around 11 miles we rounded the corner into the sun (which was pretty hot) and Sean said to me he was starting to feel faded, so we took our last gel and put our heads down until we hit the shade. After that, I saw his energy start to come back as we cut through Stanley Park and headed to the finish. The last stretch was along the Coal Harbour Seawall, where we pushed it to the finish and crossed the line sided by side (Sean wasn’t into the hand hold finish😜) just behind the 1:40 pacers at a time of 1:41:46…a 6 min PB for Sean🙌 So, so proud of him!!!


After the race we caught up with friends, ate the runners brunch and drank as many Vega smoothies as we could get out hands on before heading home for some R&R before the Sunset Festival.

Post-wheeze sunset festival

The final part of the weekend was the Sunset Festival in Stanley Park. I headed there with Nat, Sean and a few other friends and we had an absolute blast!! We saw tones of familiar faces, drank the Lululemon “courageous blonde” beer and danced the night away to Chromeo. It was the perfect way to end the weekend and left me already crossing my fingers (and toes)that I make it into Seawheeze 2017🙏 image


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