Weeks 10 & 11 of SOB 50miler Training…and the start of Taper Time!

Weeks 10 and 11…the start of taper time, the taper crazies and the did-I-do-enough’s. Well normally it is, but let’s be honest, tapering for a 50 miler doesn’t really feel like tapering…especially when you still have a 30km and a 26km on the calendar! Normally I start to question all my training and start thinking about the would’ve, could’ve, should’ves; but when you’re mileage is still pretty high there’s not much time to question yourself! I did however still have the feeling that I always have when I taper which is that I wish I lived in a bubble! Everything and everyone makes me soooo nervous…an uneven road, a sick co-worker, you name it I’m a basket of paranoia! I need to wear a sign that says “please keep back 50ft, I’m tapering!” But (knock on wood), so far so good and no freak accidents or illnesses in the last 2 weeks have tampered with my taper🙌

Week 10

I started week 10 feeling sooooo tired! After 10+ hours on the trails on the weekend before, I started Monday feeling like a zombie!

Thankfully I caught up on my zzz’s with the help of a nap (which I NEVER have so I knew I was wiped!) and some late morning sleep ins and started to feel like a normal human being again by around Wednesday!


TUESDAY– 1 mile and 400m time trial for an upcoming training program with Reebok (details coming soon!), followed by 10.5km easy on the road

WEDNESDAY– 11.5km/7mi Fartlek workout (2mins easy, 2mins tempo, 2mins fast for 4 rounds) with the Sport Chek Training Clubimage

THURSDAY– 17k/10.5mi easy with Nat and 30mins at the gym

FRIDAY– 9k trail run with the Sport Chek training Clubimage

SATURDAY– 30km/18.6mi in the trails with Nat and Michelle

SUNDAY – rest day


Week 11

Week 11 started to feel a little more like a taper and the reality of race day finally started to set in…in a good way! I think it also started to feel like a taper because I had more time to socialize (which is always a sign for me that the mileage is dropping) and I finally got to go camping with my husband in Squamish, which was awesome👍 Nat and I also figured out our accommodation this week (I know it’s late, but we were procrastinating about booking) and started to plan our packing lists #itsgettingreal 😳

MONDAY– 11.5k/7mi tempo run with 8k/5mi at HM pace

TUESDAY– HIIT workout taught by Nat, which was so hard I thought I was going to puke!

WEDNESDAY– 10.5k/6mi speed workout with the Robson Street Training Clubimage

THURSDAY– 11.5k/7mi easy with Natimage

FRIDAY – 7.5k/4.62mi easy before leaving for camping

SATURDAY– 2.5 hour hike with my husbandimage




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