Week 9 of SOB 50 Miler Training!

Week 9, the last peak week of training! It started off great coming off of a half-marathon PB high (even if it was only 6 seconds….every second counts😉) and a gift from lululemon on my door step….seriously the best way to start a Monday!!!

AND it was a short work week to boot with Canada Day on the Friday, #winning!!

This week was all about gearing up for a big weekend of training with the goal of getting 10+ hours on our feet or 65km/40mi…whichever came first! Which I have to admit still messes with my road-running brain quite a bit! I haven’t quite wrapped my head around the concept of “time on feet”. My mind is still fixated on getting the miles in, but the more ultra runners I talk to the more I hear that time on feet (as long as it’s good effort) is just, if not more valuable than the distance. So apparently my road-runner brain still needs to catch up to the ultra-training program😜

Anyways, back to this weeks training….in addition to getting the mileage/time in this weekend, I also really wanted to check out some new trails and places that I hadn’t seen before since I had the whole weekend free to explore. Thankfully Nat and I had some friends with the same goal in mind, so it made for an awesome weekend with some amazingly strong women amongst some beautiful scenery! Can’t every weekend be a long weekend!!!!

MONDAY– 11km/6.7mi with the Robson Street Training Clubimage

TUESDAY– gym workout

WEDNESDAY– 11k/6mi Pyramid Speed Workout with the Robson Street Training Club

THURSDAY– slow and steady 15km/9.3mi with Natimage

FRIDAY– Canada Day solo 9km/5.58mi hike up to Eagles Bluff followed by patio beers with friendsimage

SATURDAY– 34km/21mi and 5.5hrs spent running through the snow and exploring the AMAZING views of Garibaldi Lake and Panorama Ridge. It was my first time there and WOW was it beautiful! If you ever get the chance to visit I 110% recommend it!

SUNDAY– 15km/9.3mi and 4.5hrs up Mt. Brunswick…and when I say up I mean it! The climbing was no joke and my burning calves on the way up and screaming quads on the way down can vouch for me! But the views up there made it so worth it! Huge thank you to @thehilaryann for capturing all the pics…she scrambled up the mountain with her SLR camera which was super impressive since I was gripping onto the rock for dear life in some sections😳

TOTAL➡️95km/58.6mi and over 16+ hours on feet

Now we taper!!!!


5 thoughts on “Week 9 of SOB 50 Miler Training!

  1. Your photos on Instagram have been stunning! Friends and I plan to head to Garibaldi on Sunday, I can’t wait. I was just reading reviews of Mt. Brunswick – that rock scrambling does not sound fun! Haha.


    1. Thank you!!! Garibaldi is amazing…lots of snow still and wear lots of sunscreen if it’s sunny because I got fried off the reflection from the snow😁 Oh the rock scrambling, lol…just don’t look down!


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