Week 7 & 8 of SOB 50 miler training!

The last 2 weeks I felt like I finally climbed back to solid ground! Prior to that I’d been feeling like I was drowning and was barely able to keep my head afloat😔 I’m normally okay when I am busy and feeling stressed with ONE activity- like work or personal obligations- and I think I cope with it pretty well; but when I feel like I’m being pulled in a multitude of different directions, that’s when I start to become overwhelmed! Thankfully, I think I’ve re-gained control of my schedule (for now anyways) and can breathe again! I got caught up with work and family, and I think I’m starting to get more comfortable with planning my routes and workouts for the Training Club. Phewf! Now I just have to stay on top of everything so the last few weeks don’t repeat themselves.

As for my training, week 7 had me feeling straight pooped after the MEC 55k! Originally it was on the schedule to have another high mileage week, but Nat and I made the executive decision to scrap the plan and decrease the distance in favour of avoiding burn-out and injury….I think it was a good decision!

Week 7

MON– gym workout and a cooking class date-night with my husband (which was really fun, but I’m still no chef!)

I made this!!

TUES– easy 12km/7mi

WEDS– 8.5km/ 5.25mi of Fartlek’s with the Sport Chek Training Club

THURS– 12.2km/7.5mi easy run with Natimage

FRI– I drove up to Kelowna for a course and ran 26km/16mi on the Kettle Valley railway, which was AMAZING! One of my best friends biked beside me and it was so beautiful! If you ever head up to Kelowna, BC I recommend going!

SAT– OFF and I sat in a course about headaches the entire day!

SUN– 16.5km/10.2mi easy followed by sitting in a course on the elbow, wrist and hand all day!


Week 8

Week 8 was all about strategic running and planning as I knew I had to get in around 80-90km’s, but I also had a race (the Scotiabank Half Marathon) on Sunday that I didn’t want to do on SUPER tired legs! I didn’t know if I could PB, but I knew I wanted to try, so I planned to skip my one really long run in favour for a few middle distance runs and take a rest day on the Saturday before the race to see if a one day taper (that’s a thing right?!) could get me the speedy finish I was hoping for…a sub 1:35😳 I didn’t quite manage to squeeze in under 1:35, but I did get a PB of 6 seconds and came in with a time of 1:35:04🙌

MON– sat in a car for 4 hours driving home from Kelowna and then went to work…you guessed it, no running!

TUES– 15.8k/9.6mi with 5x1k at tempo pace with 1k marathon-pace rests in betweenimage

WEDS– 10.5km/6.5mi speed workout with the Sport Chek Training Clubimage

THURS– 12.2km/7.5mi easy

FRI– 16km in the trails with Nat and 8.5km hill repeats with the Training Club for 24.5km/15.2mi

SAT– off getting my race pack image

SUN– Scotiabank Half Marathon and a 6km shakeout run after, 27km/16.75miimage

TOTAL➡️ 90km/55.8mi

Bring on Week 9!


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