Week 6 of SOB 50 miler training!

Okay, did that week just happen? It was a whirlwind and it felt like so much happened…but really it was just 3 exciting things (to me anyways😜) with work, appointments and friends mixed in!

  1. It was the first week of the Sport Chek Training Club which was really exciting, but since it’s a brand new program and it’s my first time coaching, I definitely had the new-job-jitters the whole week.image I plan my own runs and workouts, but it’s a whole new ball game planning them for a group and I felt a lot of pressure to make sure everything went smoothly. Thankfully it did, but I think it’s going to take a few weeks for me to get in the flow of leading a group (any and all tips are warmly welcomed!!).

2.  I received some gear in the mail from Reebok which totally made my day! They contacted me about a month ago asking if I wanted to join them in Cape Cod to run a Ragnar relay….and of course the answer was “Wait, what?! ME? YES!!!!!!” Unfortunately, timing wise, it didn’t work out, but they sent me some gear to thank me for my time so SO nice of them!!image

3. Nat and I ran the MEC 55k trail race in Vancouver on Saturday. It was in the plan as a “training run” for us, but OMG it was tough!!! It was technical, it was steep, it was imageslippery and it was long! I can’t speak for Nat, but I can I definitely say that I underestimated the course! I figured since it was a “training run” my legs didn’t need to be fully rested, and running 5 days in a row before hand was no big deal (yeah, I know, reading this back it sounds pretty dumb😁) I thought it would take around 6.5-7 hours at an easy pace given that both of my previous 50k’s have been under 6 hours…but I was wrong. Not only was it my longest distance ever, it also ended up being the longest I had ever spent running on my feet at just over 8hrs! I cannot tell you how thankful I was to have Nat there. imageHaving her there by my side made me keep going at so many points when I wanted to quit and stopped me from going to negative town when my mind started to wander. At the end when we crossed the finish line (of course hand in hand😊) we both looked at eachother and were like “did that just happen?!”…and my legs and feet were like yes, YES IT DID!image

Here’s how the rest of the week went down in a nutshell…

MONDAY– strength training at the gym and a 5km/3mi to kick off the Training Club

TUESDAY– 15.2k/9.4mi Rowland Tempo workout (3mins slightly slower, at, and slightly below tempo 3 times)

WEDNESDAY– 8km/5mi easy with the Training Club

THURSDAY– 14.2km/8.8mi easy run with Nat

FRIDAY– 5km/3mi 4x300m Hill repeats with the Training Club

SATURDAY– MEC 55k race

SUNDAY– rest day watching Germany win at the Euro Cupimage

TOTAL➡️ 102.4km/63.5mi

Bring on Week 7!!


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