Week 5 of SOB 50 miler training!

This week was the week I found my confidence! It was the week that made me finally say “Hell yes I can do this!” and I know it will have to be the week I look back and reflect on if [and likely] when the self doubt creeps back in! This week I was able to hit my goal pace on my tempo run, I noticed I was recovering faster after my workouts and I was able to finish two back-to-back long runs feeling like there was still some gas left in my tank! I know I still have a long way to go, but it feels pretty empowering when you’re once intimidating goal starts to become a tangible reality.



TUESDAY– my legs were still sore from the weekend but a 12.5k/7.75mi tempo run was on the calendar do I dug deep and got it done!

WEDNESDAY– June 1st, GLOBAL RUNNING DAY! I literally ran errands to get in 7km imageand then I was supposed to run 5km more with a friend and my husband, but it torrentially rained so we did a circuit class at my friends gym instead!

THURSDAY– I got up bright and early to run 15.2km/9.4mi with Nat.

FRIDAY– after a crazy [and stressful day] at work, I met Nat and Alicia (@aliciarunsfast) in the trails for 18km/11.2mi of run-therapy.image

SATURDAY– Nat and I decided to take a road trip down south to Bellingham, WA to run 40km of the Chuckanut 50k course. After last weekends crazy climbing, we wanted make sure we clocked some mileage on more runnable trails. image
So we google earthed the crap out of the course, grabbed our map and headed down! We found out at the last minute that a race was going on at the same time (thankfully it was only small) and we ended up with some cheers, high fives and an aid station (complete with shots of Fireball😜) on our 41.5k/25.7mi route, LOL!


SUNDAY– running rest day! We had friends over for a BBQ on our patio and finished the weekend off with beach volleyball with our urban rec team.

Week 5 Total Mileage➡️ 94.2km/58.4mi

Bring on Week 6 and our MEC 55km race on Saturday!


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