Week 3 & 4 of SOB 50 miler training!

Since I was a bit/a lot tardy about posting my week 3 training (and almost skipped over it entirely), I decided to join it up with week 4…2 week recaps are a thing, right?! Well it is now!


Week 3 in a nutshell was a “down” week meaning the back-to-back long runs were a imagelittle shorter than the week before. It was also May long weekend, which meant getting the long run done on Friday night again so I could relax in Seattle with my friend and celebrate my Mom’s birthday without my long run looming over my head!


TUESDAY- physio for my ankle (which is feeling so much better!) followed by a 12k/7.5 mi speed workout- my first in a month!

WEDNESDAY- 10k/ 6mi easy run

THURSDAY- 13k/8mi easy run

FRIDAY- This was supposed to be 26k, but I ended up running to a meeting at Sport Chek where we ended up running, so I finished up with 31k/19.5mi instead

SATURDAY- Since I did more on Friday, I cut this 16k run down to 11k/7mi and then image
met my mom for a Birthday brunch and a well needed pedicure, then headed south to Seattle for Wanderlust.

SUNDAY- WANDERLUST…We started the day with a 5k run, followed by a yoga class and meditation. The festival was okay but a girls weekend in a hotel and shopping was definitely the highlight!image

WEEK 3 TOTAL MILEAGE= 82.6km/51.2mi


The start of the week had me in struggle town and I was the Mayor! I don’t know excatly what it was, but I think some late nights and early mornings, as well as a poor diet over the weekend left me feeling depleted! It was definitely a wake up call that training is more than just getting the mileage in. I have a lot to learn about the importance of proper recovery, diet and nutrition! Stay tuned, I promise to share what I find out!

BUT, the week wasn’t all bad…I was re-united with Nat which meant I didn’t have to
run alone! And my ankle had been feeling really strong, so I got the clearance to head back to the trails for my weekend long runs.

and yes, this snowy picture is from this weekend!


TUESDAY- this was supposed to be a tempo run, but I felt so lethargic I just aimed for a few km at goal half marathon pace and then scrapped it all together and took it easy for a total of 12k/7mi

WEDNESDAY- 6k/4mi followed by a 2 hour strength and conditioning workshop with imageSport Check!

THURSDAY- 13k/8mi run-catch up with Nat!

FRIDAY- OFF…I needed this SO bad! I slept in and then caught up with errands in the afternoon before going on a real date with my husband! I listened to my body and rested, and it was a very good decision!!

SATURDAY- If you live in Vancouver then you know the weather on Saturday was HORRIBLE!!!! And if you don’t, on Saturday you would have considered yourself lucky! imageIt rained the entire day, HARD! But, the training must go on! So Nat and I met some insta-friends (@thehilaryann) bright and early and headed to the trails. After about an hour into our, what was supposed to be a 5 hour run, Nat and I looked at eachother soaking wet with chattering teeth and blue lips and said NOPE…lets cut it short and do longer tomorrow! So we cut it at just over 3hrs and 22k/13.2mi and sat for the next hour drinking hot chocolate trying to regain feeling in our hands. Best decision.

SUNDAY- Waking up on Sunday was like Saturday never happened…thank god! Nat and I met bright andimage early with the Vanrunco crew and headed up flint and feather, a steep climb up Grouse Mountain. We did the first 1.5 hours with them and then split off and finished the last 3 hours on our own. This run was tough for me to get my head around since it was SO technical we only covered 20k/13mi in the 4.5hrs.

TOTAL= 73.2k/45.4mi

I’m trying to remember that ultra training is not just about mileage, its also time on your feet. So even though our mileage was lower this week, the time on my feet and the climbing on my legs was significantly more. Having said that, since this week was so much climbing, next week we are going to hit up some more runnable routes to get some balance.

Bring on week 5!!!




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