Week 2 of SOB 50 miler training!

This week was one of those weeks where you look at the schedule and you think “how the hell am I going to do this?!” Which meant it all came down to squeezing in the training and running to as many appointments, meetings, and places as possible…oh yeah and I also had to stick to my ankle rehab due to last weeks trail bail (this was my face all week➡️image

MONDAY: The week started off pretty unsuspecting with a short run and some strength training at the gym

TUESDAY: Where it started to become reality that a bonkers week was approaching…3k run to physio, 9k run home, physio home visit, followed by imageshovelling my face with food in the car on the way to work, lol!

WEDNESDAY: work, 5k run to a meeting, 7.5k run home…eat all the food!

THURSDAY: This was really the calm before the storm…13k easy before work


FRIDAY: Work, 2k run to meet Nat, run 20k in the trails followed by a meeting at UBC, 10k run home at 8pm😳

SATURDAY: Trends in Running Injuries Course 8-6 (stay tuned for some posts on this!), pick up a birthday present for a 1 year old (I got him his first pair of runners…come on, I had to!), run 16k…this was supposed to be 20, but since I didn’t start until 8pm it meant that I was still running at 9:30! So I decided I needed dinner more than I needed 4 more km and threw in the towel!image

SUNDAY: A well earned rest day from running…but when I’m not running I’m learning about it😜 Running Course Day 2, followed by volleyball….and week 2 DONE!

TOTAL MILEAGE➡️ 87.25km/54mi

Ankle update

So far, so good! I’ve been sticking to my exercises and doing almost everything I can on one foot. I’m going to stay off the uneven trails for 2 more weeks and add some more strengthening to my balance exercises before I head back to the roots and rocks of the technical North Shore! Operation single leg everything going strong🙌🙌

On to Week 3 and 80km/50miles!


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