Week 1 run-down of training for SOB 50 miler!!

As you probably already know, I did it, I pulled the trigger and signed up for my first 50 miler on July 23…and if you read my post a few weeks ago, then you know I signed up with my best running buddy Nat! The the best part is that the race is called the SOB, which seems completely appropriate for our first 50 mile race! lol! It’s full name is actually The Sisikyou Out n’ Back, but SOB seems like a much better name for that distance😜

so excited to have signed up!lol!

It starts in Ashland, Oregon and follows the Pacific Coast trail into California…and yes I know what you’re thinking “Cali in July, it’s going to be hot!!” Yes, yes it is and I’m having a mini freak out about that😳 But we’re going to prepare the best we can and make sure we have all the precautions in place for running in the heat (i.e. lots of water, salt, hats etc.) to make sure we’re as safe as possible!

Now onto the most important part, the training! When we first signed signed up, we thought we had 16 weeks to train before race day, BUT we counted wrong #oops and it turns out we only have 12 (now 11)! Normally I would NEVER recommend this short of a training cycle, but given that I just came off of a marathon, it’s not too crazy of an increase in mileage over the next 12 weeks. However, having said, that the numbers are big and the back-to-back days are scaring the bee-jesus out of me!!! But I just keep reminding myself that I probably said the same thing when I looked at my training schedule for my first marathon and first 50k. Let’s face it, tackling a new distance is scary!

So here’s the plan👇imageAs you can see we jumped right into our first week! Here’s the run-down on how week 1 went:
– The mid-week runs went well, they’re pretty much the same as my mid-week runsimage during marathon training, but with less speed! And bonus, Nat and I met up with our Instagram friend Richard who was visiting from Toronto!
– The weekend long run was a bit scattered as we didn’t really know the plan until Nat picked me up at 7am on Saturday to head to the trails. We decided on the way to hit up Squamish and figured out a route on the drive up (sort of).
– I ended up twisting my ankle at the half-way mark coming down a technical downhill and we ended up having to slow down to let it settle. Thankfully it was only mild and we managed to get in 33k/20.5mi.

– It didn’t swell but I iced it on the way home just to make sure and nursed my sorrows with an ice cream sandwich! lol!
– It felt okay that night and Nat and I planned to run 20k on Sunday, but when I woke up in the morning it felt stiff and sore across the top and didn’t feel 100% steady so I decided rest was more valuable.

There you have it, week 1 done! Overall not the best start to training, but now 5 days post-roll it’s feeling way better and I can run pain-free on even ground. Now I just need to do all the ankle exercises and cross my fingers that carries me through the next 12..I mean 11 weeks of training!!! I’ll keep you posted😘


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