So now what???

That’s always the question after coming off of a big goal race, and usually starts to creep into my head [along with all the other crazy thoughts] during the taper crazies….What am I going to do next? My first thought after Boston was a marathon re-do to try and get the time I had trained for, a sub 3:20-3:25. I immediately started looking up races in the the next couple of months in my area😁 My clouded post-marathon brain was telling me “you’ve done all the hard work, just take a short rest and go for it!” BUT once the runners high wore off, I started asking myself why? What or whom do I need to prove this to? And when I couldn’t give myself a rationale answer, I let this thought go!

SO, that brings me to my goal race…which is to run a 50 miler with my best running buddy Nat (@gnatters on instagram). imageWe have been talking about this for MONTHS! It’s a huge goal for both of us and we decided we really wanted to achieve it together! We ran our first 50k together last May and realized we made such a great team that we wanted to tackle this next big goal together too.image

Back in January we signed up for The Sun Mountain 50 miler, but we were so far wait listed that we decided to scrap it. Since then we’ve been searching and searching, but we haven’t found a race that we can both do dates-wise, isn’t full already, and isn’t a million miles away! You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to run really, really far😜 BUT we think we may have found something for the end of July, so stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted once we sign up and come up with a training plan!

In the mean time, I’ve signed up for a couple of races from now until September….

MAY 1- 1:45 Pace Bunny for the BMO half marathon…no I will not be running in this mask LOL! But that would be pretty sweet! hahaimage


AUGUST 13- Seawheeze half marathon➡️ I’m running this for fun with my husband…we’re thinking costumes and are open to suggestions😜

SEPTEMBER 10- Finlayson Arm 50k in Victoria with the Fraser Street Run Club crew!image


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